What Is Deliberate Parenting?

Deliberate parenting is defined by intention. While many of our parenting choices and decisions seem commonplace, a closer look will uncover thought behind each parenting choice. The choices we make for our children are infinite. From how they should go to sleep to how they should eat, we make countless decisions about our children’s care. Since research indicates that the brain develops most dramatically in the first five years of life, my husband and I are aware that our actions will impact our children and who they become.

Parenting styles are often influenced by our own upbringing, the examples of other parents, and advice of experts. These templates are helpful in making the numerous decisions we face, but to us they are just that – templates. When it is time to either sit with your child while she falls asleep, or leave her to work it out on her own, we are the ones closing that door at night.  In the end, the decisions are ours.  Deliberate parenting is not always convenient, but our children are humans – and humans are never simple or convenient.

Though we are parents, we are humans first.  We make the best decisions we can based on the information we have and under the circumstances we are in. We will make mistakes, and we will make many of them. Knowing this, we approach parenting our daughters by trying to make make the best choices possible with the information we have or have access to.

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