Thinking About Composting


I have for some years been interested in composting but remain cautious about committing to something with which I have so little experience. Now, more than the ever, I think it important for my daughters to start to develop a sense of stewardship for our planet, their home. In recognition of earth day, I have asked a friend of mine and fellow mom, Babs, to share her expertise of composting with us. Her passion not just for caring for earth’s well-being but commitment to living a healthy and balanced life with and for her family inspires me.  The intentionality and thoughtfulness with which she approaches parenting is evident in her son’s confidence. He beams.


In her own words, “Composting Made Simple strives to incorporate home composting into everyone’s life.”


Marisa: What inspired you to start your composting business?


Babs: I was inspired by you to actually get a business plan together and make a formal business out of my love of vermicomposting.  I’ve been helping people to get started composting for years, but now that I’m a stay-at-home mom it feels like the right time to get more involved in the community.   I have a vision to get the schools composting, too.



Marisa: I’m glad that you are getting this venture going! What do you think are the benefits of composting to the home?

From Home Composting Made Easy
says it best:


Composting Can Make You Feel GREEN
(and I don’t mean sick!)
•    Want to feel proud about doing your part to conserve Earth’s resources? COMPOST!
•    What to protect and improve your home environment, including wildlife? COMPOST!
•    Want to gain some neighborhood notoriety? COMPOST!
•    Want to add to a sustainable future for planet Earth? You got it: COMPOST!


The biggest benefit to composting at home is doing your part to help this planet by preventing over 30% of your home-generated, compostable waste from being dumped into the landfills.


Marisa: For those of us unfamiliar with the process, can you describe how to prepare compost?


Babs: Composting involves mixing yard and household organic waste in a pile or bin and providing conditions that encourage decomposition. The decomposition process is fueled by millions of microscopic organisms (bacteria, fungi) that take up residence inside your compost pile, continuously devouring and recycling it to produce a rich organic fertilizer and valuable soil amendment.  Check out Composting101 for a really thorough description of the process.


Marisa: In what ways, do you think an infant or toddler can participate in composting?


Babs: The most primary way an infant or toddler helps with composting is they help produce the composting scrapes – we have way more banana peels to feed the worms since Leo started eating solids!   My toddler certainly loves feeling useful and putting his fruit or veggie scrapes in the compost bucket seems to be rewarding – similar to putting his dirty dishes up or throwing trash away.  He’s still won’t hold a worm in his hand but he does love to look at them and dig in the dirt.  Depending on your comfort level, a toddler could help feed the worms and maintain the pile or bin.



Marisa: Any other words of encouragement for the hesitant (namely me)?



Babs: Once you are all setup and have an active compost bin or pile, you will wonder why you didn’t start home composting years ago! Diverting up to 30% of your waste feels good and you will love having the end product to fertilize your home garden or landscaping.



If you are interested in learning more about composting from Babs of Composting Made Simple or have more questions you can email her at email or via her Facbook page – Composting Made Simple.  Thank you Babs for subduing my hesitation regarding composting.