From Womb to Woombie – Our Swaddling Experience

I am so excited to have Kimmy Giles, mother of two, here as a guest blogger sharing her experiences swaddling her boys with us. Kimmy is a deliberate parent who puts thoughtful reasoning into each parenting decision she makes. Sleep is Kimmy’s specialty, and I’ve learned so much from her over the last year, so I have asked her to share some of her expertise with us.

Hello all, this is Kimmy from Marisa has asked me to guest blog and I am honored! Her blog contains so many great values and insights, and I personally enjoy reading and learning so much from Marisa and her family, as well as their blog. She has asked me to write about my swaddling experience with the Wombie. So, here goes my tale…

My husband and I have two boys, Caleb (two years) and Lucas (three months). We have had two very different swaddling experiences with both. Caleb was two weeks old before he started busting out of his makeshift swaddle.

Caleb (one month), busting out of the Velcro swaddle

We had a regular swaddling blanket (that wasn’t big enough for a 13-lb. two-week old), and we had a swaddling blanket that had a Velcro snap. Needless to say, by two months we were done. In the middle of the night, trying to figure out how to swaddle a big blanket was just too confusing (for sleep deprived first timers like us), and Caleb was so big and strong that he just busted out and I feared the blanket would cover his face. There ends our swaddling experience with Caleb. He never slept great from the start (we eventually helped him learn how to self-soothe around six months), and I always wondered had we figured out a better swaddling situation, maybe we all would have received some better shut eye…..

Along came Lucas.

The Woombie Swaddler - Click Image for More Info


This time around, I wanted to get the swaddle right, so I did a little research. I knew we needed a swaddle that stayed swaddled (for a big boy with strong arms, if he followed in Brother’s footsteps), and I knew we needed one that was the perfect size – not too warm for the summer or too cold for the winter. I did a little research and happened upon…the Woombie!

Lucas (two months), cozy in the Wombie

These were the things I liked when I looked at it: a zipper, a size chart based on their weight, and a thin layer (perfect for a warm summer but light enough to layer underneath for the winter time). I hoped this time we would be able to keep Lucas in the swaddle a little longer, and that perhaps he would sleep better because of it.

Here is what we found. The zipper was so helpful for all the middle of the night feedings. It didn’t wake him up when we zipped him back up to put to sleep (it even has a bottom zipper to do a diaper change without taking him out, although I unzipped him to nurse anyway so we didn’t use it that often), and it was big enough for his long legs and arms (we went with a size up for him so it would last longer). And lastly, it is made out of an elastic material that stretches, much like the womb (hence the name). He can move his arms and legs around enough that he can get comfy, but not too much that he can actually get out. He positions his arms over his chest and holds his hands, and the Woombie keeps them in place but doesn’t restrict his movement as much as other swaddling blankets do.

I love that it stretches and is soft. It has been a wonderful, sleep filled experience for us. We stop swaddling at four months due to the fact that they become much more mobile at this point and swaddling can cause a danger (according to sleep books and pediatricians).  But, for those first two months when the Moro reflex is at its highest, the Woombie has been working wonders. I would love to hear any feedback on your swaddling.

(All thoughts and opinions on the Woombie are my own. I am not being paid to write this post about the Woombie*).


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