Developing a Taste for Healthy Foods

picky eaters

Greysen: “Mom, what’s this?” She holds the unidentifiable food from her taco in pinched fingers. Me: “Spinach.” She eats it. Greysen: “Mom, what’s this?” Questioning the motives of another suspicious character. Me: “Beets.” Greysen: “I don’t like it.” End of story.   Twice. Twice; that is, being the number of times beets have been invited […]

When is Easier, Harder? An Argument Against Bottle Feeders

bottle donoght

Late this afternoon while at a baby shower, I saw a product that shocked me. One of the shower guests, a first time mom and woman I know well, was leaving the party. As she was already gathering her things, she attentively noticed that her 6-month-old daughter was hungry. This kind-hearted mom gave her daughter […]