A Peaceful Toddlerhood

RIE Peaceful

  The outdoors are immeasurably valuable to young children’s growth and development. Developing a connection and awareness of nature and wildlife is a priority for my daughters’ childhood.   When my daughters and I go outdoors, I have no intentions for “education” to happen, though it always does.   This week the lesson was for […]

Color Mixing is Not Always About Color


  Though incredibly simple, color-mixing is one of my favorite experiences to offer infants and toddlers.   Water in itself is wonderful because it is such a basic element that children are familiar with, yet are still fascinated by – I assume for its complex properties and seemingly unpredictable nature when splashed or spilled.   […]

Respecting Our Toddlers During the Holiday


  I have a significant extended family. Big. To accommodate family gatherings, homes have been remodeled AND furniture is taken out so everyone has room to roam.  One of the guaranteed highlights is seeing and visiting with the children.  We all love to dote on the youngest and newest to our family.   As much […]

Resisting the Temptation to Just Get Through Diaper Changes


  Sometimes when infants start to roll over, diaper changes become . . . quicker.  It can also be said that they become more challenging.  When infants learn to roll over, and especially after they learn to crawl, they can be eager to do so every moment that they are able to.  In my experience, […]

Preserving Time for Children to Observe Their World


  Last week, we went on a hike with a few friends. While we were getting ready to start our walk, a couple of children played nearby, greeting each other and chatting. A friend offhandedly mentioned that her son ” . . .  is an observer”  after he declined an invitation to play with a […]

Easing Transitions

Leaving The Park Hand in Hand

Today, Greysen and I left the park side-by-side in conversation.     What’s to take note of, you ask? Leaving anywhere enjoyable can be of the utmost disappointment to Greysen.   A couple of months ago as I relayed to Greysen one morning that we would be leaving the park, she gave me a passionate […]

The Bumbo Seat and Learning to Sit


I am incapable of not having an opinion when it comes to toys or child-related equipment. From gadgets meant to help feeding infants to balls, I have my favorites and NOT-so-favorites.   One of the main aspects of my former job was to justify every purchase we made for the children. When it came to […]

Between Infants and Toddlers


Infant/toddler center-based care is an uncommon occurrence. I worked for many years in a group care setting with children ages three months to three years. This age range was, and is, uncommon because the state (California) discourages it.  It was only through a loophole and a signed physician’s note that we were able to care […]

The Plastic Egg: Ideas for Infant and Toddler Play


The moniker “plastic egg” gives no indication of the value of this hand held open-ended treasure.   Before they become known as candy capsules to my toddler and infant, these marvelous plastic egg-shaped containers are simply open-ended play things.   Instead of holiday-themed play, we reveled in using these small containers as just that – […]

When Should We Prevent Risk-Taking in Infants?


  Be careful.   If there was such a list, “be careful” would have to be in the “Top Ten Phrases Parents Tell their Toddlers,” and I’m not exempt from uttering those words on occasion. Reminding Greysen to be careful as she bends forward into the tub, feet dangling just off the ground, comes to […]