Stereotyped Clothing


Snarky t-shirts or play-on-words commentary clothing is nothing new. In fact, I think I may have even worn a button or two in my teen years with a less-than-polite statement. I haven’t really given it much thought with regards to my daughter’s clothing because its not something that I have encountered yet; well, until now. […]

Riley on Marketing

Riley on Marketing

One of my facebook friends posted this video on his wall (I do realize that it’s a few months old, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it), and I completely agree with what this kid has to say about how toys are/have been marketed to children. It’s good to know that some kids are […]

Sorting the Holiday Gifts: Generous but Gendered

Fisher Price Toy Carriage

On the morning following Christmas, I was recovering from a late evening filled with the type of holiday drama usually reserved for television specials. It was raining, and so we did not bring in any of my daughter’s Christmas gifts, save one. Now, when we are the ones choosing toys for Greysen to play with, […]