The Plastic Egg: Ideas for Infant and Toddler Play


The moniker “plastic egg” gives no indication of the value of this hand held open-ended treasure.   Before they become known as candy capsules to my toddler and infant, these marvelous plastic egg-shaped containers are simply open-ended play things.   Instead of holiday-themed play, we reveled in using these small containers as just that – […]

Toddler Made Lemonade


  Our generous lemon tree inspires us in so many ways. This time, however, we’ve put our lemons to a more conventional use.   Eager for real experiences, Greysen is determined to help prepare foods for anyone and everyone.     We used the only juicer we have – a levered one.  This adult-supervision-necessary juicer […]

Transfering Activity: Marbles


Now that spooning objects is a familiar task, I decided to offer Greysen a new transferring activity challenge – tongs. I purchased these tongs from Montessori Services a while back. When I bought them, I had intended them to be used at mealtimes for serving food, but did not even glance at their size when ordering. […]

Serving Up Independence


At 18 months, Greysen is eager to try to do many of the things that I used to do for her for herself.  To make the most of this emerging independence, I am always on the lookout for new ways in which she can assert herself constructively.  In support of her developing skills, I offer […]