Santa Clause is in My Uterus

pregnancy explanation

That’s what she said.   We were driving home when Greysen (2.3 years old) made this declaration that caused me to react with giggles from disbelief, but before I could respond to her, my quick-thinking hubby stifled them with a sharp look and kind reminder that she was being serious.   I turned around to […]

Signing with Infants Part 2: Speaking Before Acting

Baby Sign Language

I’ve spoken with a few parents who’ve shared that they tried to sign with their children, but that their children never really picked it up. If you are interested in signing, my best advice is to commit. Commit. Your child may not sign right away, but I think the process is valuable regardless of whether […]

Signing with Infants Part 1: A Validation of Partnership


  Until this week, Moon signed mostly in imitation. I signed “all done,” and she signed it back. I signed “nurse,” and again she copied. Then, this week, an indication of an impending shift in our communication occurred as we approached her diaper changing area.   Moon signed “diaper.”   Proud mama that I am, […]

A Child’s Potential is in the Details


In the past couple of months, Greysen’s vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds. We’ll often hear people remark with surprise, “Wow, she knows a lot of words,” or, “Your little girl is really smart!” I’ve actually discussed that last bit with Marisa on more than one occasion, and we’re in agreement that it’s not […]