Basketful of Infant Toys

Toys for babies

  Ever feel like the toys have taken over your home? I relish in being able to offer my daughters a variety of toys but can feel overwhelmed when toys start to carpet the floor. Offering playthings on a rotating basis in accessible bins or baskets help me reduce the number of toys available to […]

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Infant & Toddler Toy Shelves


It’s time to reorganize the girls’ toy shelves to accommodate their latest interests and Moon’s new ability to access the shelf on her own. The girls share a room, and thus the toy shelves and play space.   Here was our toy shelf before our commando-crawling Moon could reach it on her own.     […]

The Best of A Classic Toy


A classic toy by most standards, a ball is a common favorite of both children and adults. In fact, most every child has a ball among their toys. No longer are they limited in style to the red rubber balls that I used on the playground as a child. Now, balls can be made from […]

The Best Infant Toy

hands and feet

The instant I saw Moon raise her hands to slowly turn and watch them, I bolted for the camera. A vision of a black and white photograph for her baby book was all I could hope for at the moment. The caption, “A first toy” or something along those lines.  “A toy, you say?” Well, […]

Trusting Infants


Honoring Greysen’s playtime is a priority for us. As an extension of this, respecting Greysen’s choices in toys is important as well. Mike and I try to make sure that she has time to play every day, without agenda, and with toys that are of interest to her. I have organized our house so that […]