June Art Group


  I am eager to host an art group around one theme of materials. I think offering one material in combination with several other art mediums or to be used as several different tools would encourage the children to imagine more possibilities per object.   For instance, I’d like to host a reflective surfaces art […]

Sensory “Art” Group for Infants and Toddlers

Art Group_01

  The Infant/Toddler Art Group is Back! Now that the weather is more predictable, I plan on hosting an art group each month.   This month instead art as usual, a friend had the inspired idea of a sensory “art” group. She provided most of the sensory bins but I brought a couple too.   […]

Painting on Reflective Surfaces

toddler painting activity

For this month’s Infant and Toddlers’ Art Group, I couldn’t settle on what to bring to the park. After rummaging through two cupboards and a box of materials¬†(yes, I desperately need to get more organized), I settled on bringing some aluminum foil.   I set out the foil with sandy paint for a gritty contrast […]

An Artists Community

Doesnt like fingerpainting

  When I plan for the infant toddler art group, I try to keep the mediums intentionally simple. I lay out simple experiences for several reasons, but most relevant to art group is the idea that it is as important as a community as it is for the art experience itself.   Art experiences are […]

Art On The Go


    For now, we have a place to host our Infants & Toddlers’ Art Group. I’m so thankful for a warm place to paint on these wet days. Unfortunately, colds in our home kept us from attending our last art group. So I was challenged (and who doesn’t love a last-minute challenge?) to pack […]

Toddlers’ Art Group

Infant Painting

Our newly founded art group is intended for children that are ready to use art materials safely. That being said, there are a few siblings, including Moon, that are younger than one year old and attend our group. My challenge: how to safely include infants in art explorations.   I wanted to be sure to […]

Creating an Infant & Toddler Art Group

pink hands

An art group! I first read about this fantastic idea on the Dilly Dali blog while I was researching music and movement groups/classes. I felt so inspired to get Greysen involved in something similar, I shared my excitement with a fellow mom who was just as eager. The result . . . a toddlers’ art […]