A Peaceful Toddlerhood

RIE Peaceful

  The outdoors are immeasurably valuable to young children’s growth and development. Developing a connection and awareness of nature and wildlife is a priority for my daughters’ childhood.   When my daughters and I go outdoors, I have no intentions for “education” to happen, though it always does.   This week the lesson was for […]

Writing Area


  With a small living space, we need to prioritize what children’s materials we keep out. We keep books on a low shelf and have a building area in one corner, but couldn’t really spare any more space. Greysen has been asking to write and draw, so it seemed time to make a dedicated space […]

Accessible Diapering


This is definitely in the category of, why didn’t I do this sooner? After seeing a similar diaper-changing space on a Montessori blog (I confess, I can’t remember where) I moved our changing pad to the floor when Moon started to stand on her own, though I think this would have been great to do […]

Encouraging Independence in Consideration of Temperament


  I don’t like it when our plans change, and I’m not good with “going with the flow.” Since I know that it is hard for me to adapt to a change of plans, I know that I need to make an effort to be more flexible. It takes time, as well as a husband […]

The Gift of Limiting Toddlers’ Choices

Toddler Limits

  Decisions, decisions. This is as much an issue for young children as it is for adults. Will they or won’t they put on their shoes by themselves? Clear their dishes? Try a new food? Ultimately, it’s up to them to decide.   With so many choices that need to be made on a daily […]

A Park Journal

Nature walk collecting

  At the beginning of summer, our county produced a pamphlet designed to get the public to visit all the parks, or at least some, in the area. Children are encouraged to photograph or draw something at each park and share it with the parks’ office.  I decided to use this invitation to more deeply […]

Rooted In The Garden


    There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after the winter.                                     – Rachel Carson     Knowing next to nothing about gardening myself, I am so thankful for this community garden planted by our moms’ club.  The play that happens […]

Clearing the Dishes – An Act of Interdependence


What are the best times of the day for you and your children to really take each other’s ideas in? For us, its mealtimes. First, because Greysen is there for such a good chunk of time, and secondly because we are all pretty happy getting to eat and relax together.  I think that is why […]

Lights On By Myself!

On again.

Our 12 year-old cat Mia has become increasingly avoidant of Greysen. The cat hides in the dark, leaving Greysen at a disadvantage when she walks into rooms. Greysen has been surprised often enough that she has very recently started to hesitate before going into a room, at which point she shouts, “Be nice, Mia.”  These are very […]

Serving Up Independence


At 18 months, Greysen is eager to try to do many of the things that I used to do for her for herself.  To make the most of this emerging independence, I am always on the lookout for new ways in which she can assert herself constructively.  In support of her developing skills, I offer […]