Resisting the Temptation to Just Get Through Diaper Changes


  Sometimes when infants start to roll over, diaper changes become . . . quicker.  It can also be said that they become more challenging.  When infants learn to roll over, and especially after they learn to crawl, they can be eager to do so every moment that they are able to.  In my experience, […]

Discovering a Place in the World


There is a shift happening in our home. The relationship that Moon used to invest the majority of her time and attention on is now sharing attention with something new . . . exploration.   Attachment and exploration go hand in hand. Moon is intent on discovering her place in the world. With me as […]

The Bumbo Seat and Learning to Sit


I am incapable of not having an opinion when it comes to toys or child-related equipment. From gadgets meant to help feeding infants to balls, I have my favorites and NOT-so-favorites.   One of the main aspects of my former job was to justify every purchase we made for the children. When it came to […]

When Should We Prevent Risk-Taking in Infants?


  Be careful.   If there was such a list, “be careful” would have to be in the “Top Ten Phrases Parents Tell their Toddlers,” and I’m not exempt from uttering those words on occasion. Reminding Greysen to be careful as she bends forward into the tub, feet dangling just off the ground, comes to […]

Three Good Reasons to Not Do Tummy Time

Playing Underneath the Curtains

Trying to make the best decisions for my children most often means following my gut. When that instinct, however, contradicts the pediatricians’ recommendations – and it regularly does – I worry. Am I making the right decision?   I am never more confident in going against this grain than when it comes to respecting my […]

Beyond Roll-Over: The Natural Progression of Physical Development

side-lying position

In a lighthearted conversation about my daughter’s first birthday next month, a well-meaning adult, who loves her very much, commented to Greysen, “You have to walk by your first birthday!” Does she? Though I do not think this adult’s expectations is altering her developmental path in anyway, I do regret that this individual and countless […]