Small but Helpful Hands


  Knowing that Greysen is in the “why?” stage, I did a quick search on the farm that we would be visiting with friends. I quickly learned the names of the animals we would see, and memorized a few key facts, so that I could carry on a conversation with her should she be interested. […]

Toddler Friendly Mission Visit


Visiting local places of interest is one of our favorite ways of making connections to our community. Often times, these places are only organized for adult tours, so we make our own plan, a toddler-friendly plan.   Yesterday, we joined a few friends at Mission San Juan Bautista. With the mission’s long history, it’s hard […]

Discoveries Made at the Farmer’s Market


  We are half-way through our Farmer’s Market season, which runs May through September.  At the beginning of the summer, I decided to purchase unfamiliar-to-us foods each week to help add some variety to our diet and maybe even give me some motivation to cook.   While the novelty of cooking unfamiliar foods has eventually […]