Intentionally Simple Art

simple  clay

    I like to keep things simple. When it comes to creating an environment or play opportunities for children, I plan straightforward things. I’ve come to learn that what one person considers to be artistic effort does not always match my own.  While I could not determine the worth of an art experience for […]

Clay or Playdough for Infants?


Recently, Moon used clay for the first time! As excited as I was for her to use clay, I was admittedly just as excited for Greysen to have a regular play partner aside from me. Moon has just started to show interested in how her sister plays, so I thought, let’s pull the clay out […]

First Friendships: Developing Relationships Through Clay

Infant Friendships

I started to offer Greysen clay when she was ready to use it without constantly putting it in her mouth. This Moist Red Clay in a 25 lb. quantity is soft enough for her to scratch, poke, and squeeze. Most of the time, Greysen uses clay at home on her own, or with me as […]