A Quietening of Our Home and My Mind

Deliberate Parenting 4

  In the Beginning . . . In those first days after my children were born, I can not remember having many thoughts that didn’t revolve around them. Everything that I needed to do or think about other than them felt like a distraction. I was focused and present.   As time went on and […]

Real Food in the Play Kitchen


  At any given point in time, there are real foods in the girls’ kitchen area. We also have play food that gets rotated in a little at a time, but the real foods outnumber the play foods these days.   If you’re considering rotating in some real foods in your kitchen, these are a […]

Encouraging Self Care


Last week as I sneezed and sneezed, my cloudy mind was inspired!  I was in frequent need of tissues as I tried to stay near the girls while they played.   Why not move some tissues to Greysen’s level so that she can reach one if she needs it?   Here is the addition of […]