Observation and Answers

In the early years, our children ask questions regarding¬† . . . well, just about everything.¬† We answer their questions – sometimes only as best we can – and are happy to help them get those answers they seek. However, when children only look to adults for the answers, they continue to be dependent on […]

Hello Building Area, Good-bye Toy Basket


  When the Christmas tree came out, I realized that we had a nice little corner full of potential. Instead of returning our dining table to this corner, I changed this to a play space.   I experimented a bit and moved the girls’ kitchen area here, as well as a small table and chairs […]

Playing with the Alphabet


  When Greysen spends 45 minutes or so playing with cornmeal, cups, and spoons, I revel in her play. Without suggestion, interruption, or lesson, I know she’s learning.   Open-ended play and materials allow for the creativity and engagement that I know provide children with an ideal context for learning. As children age, it’s common […]

Block Play, Writing, and Letters

emergent writing toddler

  One thing I often think about is how regular play peers would influence Greysen and Moon’s play. While we do meet up regularly with friends, we often do so in parks and others’ homes, so many of the girl’s playthings are only used by them. Greysen’s interest in block play is often short-lived. I […]

Connections to Our Community through Block Play


As we were driving out of town last week, Greysen shouted “Town!” from the backseat. She has also named a few other places we visit, most often with equal zeal when we arrive at or drive past them. I was excited to know that she recognizes and is excited about these places. It seems that […]