Connections to Our Community through Block Play


As we were driving out of town last week, Greysen shouted “Town!” from the backseat. She has also named a few other places we visit, most often with equal zeal when we arrive at or drive past them. I was excited to know that she recognizes and is excited about these places. It seems that […]

Our Experiences with Baby-Led Weaning (BLW)


I was somewhat familiar with the idea of baby-led weaning before Greysen started solid foods, but had not seen it first-hand. The idea of infants being capable of feeding themselves made intuitive sense to to me, but I could not help but cringe at the memories of the occasional infant I have known in the […]

Three Good Reasons to Not Do Tummy Time

Playing Underneath the Curtains

Trying to make the best decisions for my children most often means following my gut. When that instinct, however, contradicts the pediatricians’ recommendations – and it regularly does – I worry. Am I making the right decision?   I am never more confident in going against this grain than when it comes to respecting my […]

Infant & Toddler Toy Shelves


It’s time to reorganize the girls’ toy shelves to accommodate their latest interests and Moon’s new ability to access the shelf on her own. The girls share a room, and thus the toy shelves and play space.   Here was our toy shelf before our commando-crawling Moon could reach it on her own.     […]

Why the Term Messy Art Misses the Mark for Me


  I can’t recall ever having referred to children’s art experiences primarily as messy art. It is certainly an accurate description, as they do tend to get messy if the medium allows for it.   The term, however, doesn’t connect to children’s art, exploratory or otherwise, for me. Most often, when I watch children play […]

The Value of Repeated Art Experiences: Gluing Again!


  As I admitted to the first time I offered Greysen glue, I was unsure how best to set up this material so that her learning would continue. I was fairly confident that she would enjoy gluing again, but how should I set things up to provoke a sort of next-step learning experience?   In […]

Choosing Preschool Programs

Child Led Group

It can all be summed up in a single question posed to me by a mom while we were spending a lovely morning at our community garden, “Why did you go?”   This February will mark two years since I was employed on-site in an early childhood center – AKA, preschool.   In my time […]

First Foods Minus the Cereal


Our little family hoorayed for Moon’s six-month birthday with an avocado party last month. That is, Mike, Greysen and I all shared a bowl of guacamole as Moon took her first taste of solid food – avocado! We were all excited for Moon to join the rest of us in a daily experience that we […]

Cellophane Lenses: Simple Toys for Shared Experiences


  The educators of Reggio Emilia understand that children are embedded in relationships, with their families, peers, and the world around them.   With this principle in mind, I am always on the lookout for playthings that support relationships both with the material itself and also with others. These homemade toys are a great way […]

Stereotyped Clothing


Snarky t-shirts or play-on-words commentary clothing is nothing new. In fact, I think I may have even worn a button or two in my teen years with a less-than-polite statement. I haven’t really given it much thought with regards to my daughter’s clothing because its not something that I have encountered yet; well, until now. […]