Eating Outdoors


    The girls have free access to our yard, but for reasons unknown to me, Greysen has been disinterested in playing outside lately.   So on this day, when they were toes deep in mud and muck and I didn’t want to pull them inside to eat lunch, I grabbed a bit of food […]

Discoveries Made at the Farmer’s Market


  We are half-way through our Farmer’s Market season, which runs May through September.  At the beginning of the summer, I decided to purchase unfamiliar-to-us foods each week to help add some variety to our diet and maybe even give me some motivation to cook.   While the novelty of cooking unfamiliar foods has eventually […]

Entertaining Children to Eat

food plate

  I came across this product while at a local party store looking for some balloons. There are three ways I can look at it.   Humorous. This is just a silly plate to add fun to mealtime. Enticing. This fun and interactive plate is a way to get children to eat when they otherwise […]

Developing a Taste for Healthy Foods

picky eaters

Greysen: “Mom, what’s this?” She holds the unidentifiable food from her taco in pinched fingers. Me: “Spinach.” She eats it. Greysen: “Mom, what’s this?” Questioning the motives of another suspicious character. Me: “Beets.” Greysen: “I don’t like it.” End of story.   Twice. Twice; that is, being the number of times beets have been invited […]

Toddler Made Lemonade


  Our generous lemon tree inspires us in so many ways. This time, however, we’ve put our lemons to a more conventional use.   Eager for real experiences, Greysen is determined to help prepare foods for anyone and everyone.     We used the only juicer we have – a levered one.  This adult-supervision-necessary juicer […]

Our Experiences with Baby-Led Weaning (BLW)


I was somewhat familiar with the idea of baby-led weaning before Greysen started solid foods, but had not seen it first-hand. The idea of infants being capable of feeding themselves made intuitive sense to to me, but I could not help but cringe at the memories of the occasional infant I have known in the […]

First Foods Minus the Cereal


Our little family hoorayed for Moon’s six-month birthday with an avocado party last month. That is, Mike, Greysen and I all shared a bowl of guacamole as Moon took her first taste of solid food – avocado! We were all excited for Moon to join the rest of us in a daily experience that we […]

Clearing the Dishes – An Act of Interdependence


What are the best times of the day for you and your children to really take each other’s ideas in? For us, its mealtimes. First, because Greysen is there for such a good chunk of time, and secondly because we are all pretty happy getting to eat and relax together.  I think that is why […]

When is Easier, Harder? An Argument Against Bottle Feeders

bottle donoght

Late this afternoon while at a baby shower, I saw a product that shocked me. One of the shower guests, a first time mom and woman I know well, was leaving the party. As she was already gathering her things, she attentively noticed that her 6-month-old daughter was hungry. This kind-hearted mom gave her daughter […]

Serving Up Independence


At 18 months, Greysen is eager to try to do many of the things that I used to do for her for herself.  To make the most of this emerging independence, I am always on the lookout for new ways in which she can assert herself constructively.  In support of her developing skills, I offer […]