Greysen’s First Day of School

I can’t believe it . . . I feel good. I mean, I feel great! To be really forthcoming, I cry too much. I’m a pretty sensitive soul and I was expecting to cry. I mentioned to Mazzy that today may be a day of happy tears. She’s familiar with the concept.

But no tears came. We were greeted by a familiar administrator and with a quick hug she was off to see old friends and teachers. Her first day of “Kindergarten”.

Greysen attends a Montessori school so this year she is returning to the same classroom and teachers. There will be a few new kids and her school day will no longer be a half day. (I requested to have her attend 1/2 day. That was a no.)

As the girls get older, I often feel less sure about the decisions we make. I question whether their days are too scheduled or if their bed times are too early now that they are a bit older. And the most frequently raised question as to whether a conflict was resolved well. But not today.

Today, I have the rarely experienced feeling of I’m 100% doing the right thing. Last spring, she started at her current school. I’ve been very ambivalent about whether homeschooling was a better choice for her than school so to feel so good about today is really a surprise to me.

So for today, I get revel in the glorious and very, very, rare feeling of knowing we did something very right.


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