Storytelling With Child-Created Puppets



“What would you like to play?” Me to the girls.


Without a moment’s hesitation, Greysen says, “I want to sew a puppet.”


Since my sewing knowledge is limited, I grabbed felt (my go-to material), and a small sewing kit that I put together when Greysen worked on her first such project.


We worked together. She drew a rabbit on felt, then cut it out. I threaded the needle, set a knot and demonstrated 4 stitches. The rest of the work is her own.



I asked Moon if she would like to draw a rabbit on felt,”No, I don’t want mine to stick together.”

“Would you like to draw it and then we can attach it to a stick?” I ask.



Drawing and sewing are the means by which the girls wanted to tell a story. The girls have drawn and sewn before, but practice for the sake of practice isn’t necessary when they have a sense of purpose.


Learning how to sew, draw, write, or build are ways in which the children can express themselves. They are motivated to learn so that they can share their ideas, or in this case . . . a story.


Here is the story they told.


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