Our Lives Reflected in Play

In education, assessment is the follow-up to any learning activity. Quizzes, tests, and final products are all intended to be evidence of what children are learning. At home, we too have a less intrusive way to get a glimpse into our children’s understanding, by just listening and watching their play.


In play, children can work out feelings and ideas, and perhaps even gain some understanding of their lives. Pieces of our lives are being reflected in my daughter’s play this week.


Our Family

“This is the Mama and Dada. The big sister is sleeping with her own blanket and the mom is angry that the babies want to sleep with her.” -Greysen.

We are moving away from bed-sharing. I was so glad to hear her thoughts as she explained this scenario to me.  I clarified that in real life our decision to transition out of bed sharing is not the result of anger or some other emotion, but rather backaches (more specifically, four tiny kicking feet all through the night).


Fish Tank

We have been trying to establish an aquarium since December, and have been visiting the pet store for much needed advice for the protection of the surviving fish.


I later found this with a cover right next to our real fish tank.


A Bake Sale


This is an invitation to play that I set up after Greysen was walking around baking things for a bake sale – something we participated in recently.  I swapped out our groceries for goodies.



A Cemetery


On her way to visiting the cemetery, my mom stopped by and left us essentials, which the girls immediately incorporated into their play. Between this conversation and one she heard in passing about baby Patrick’s passing (Progressive Parent), Greysen came up with her own ideas.


This is Moon laying down at the cemetery where Greysen instructed her to next to “dog”.


Greysen: “We are laiding [sic] down in a cemetery. We are dead.”
Me: “You are dead?”
Greysen: “No, we are sleeping.”



Do your children regularly talk about your lives in their play? If you are interested in sharing, please leave a link or comment below.

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