Accessible Diapering

This is definitely in the category of, why didn’t I do this sooner? After seeing a similar diaper-changing space on a Montessori blog (I confess, I can’t remember where) I moved our changing pad to the floor when Moon started to stand on her own, though I think this would have been great to do when she started to crawl.

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I prefer this setup to a dresser-height changing area because it is:

  • Accessible – A mobile infant or toddler can move onto the pad without assistance.
  • Supports Participation – Children can pull out their own supplies.
  • Safe – I can’t think of a safer place to change a child who is standing.


Most of Moon’s changes are stand-up now and happen in the bathroom. Since I am not that talented, more “involved” changes happen while lying down in this space.




I place the pad behind the door because the door is kept open throughout the day (I use a doorstop, which isn’t pictured here).



I tried keeping the hairbrush in here, too, but it proved to be one too many things. If you are going to switch to keeping your child’s diaper-changing things at his or her level, I’d start with just a couple until he or she gets used to it.


I am going through an “I love diapering” phase, and I think I will miss it dearly when the girls and I no longer get this time to connect.


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