The Most Memorable Mama Moments of 2012

Parenting since 2010.  Feels like this should be a patch of honor indicative of the time spent honing those parenting skills that I spent so much time thinking about.  However, there are just as many days – today included – that I feel like I just started parenting yesterday. I’m in my third year of parenting and each year the joys and challenges change right alongside our children.


Here is my list of 5 ideas/memories that defined my parenting for 2012.


1.  The Best Parenting Advice – Toddler Style. This list of things I cherish most about parenting this last year would be incomplete without sharing the post that has made the biggest impact on my parenting practices of Greysen (2.9 years). The wise, the wonderful, Janet Lansbury offered this advice to “Acknowledge, empathize, model,” and I’ve listened.  More than any other advice I’ve had this past year, this is the word that continues to echo in my mind . . . “acknowledge.”  So much so, that even this morning as I parented through the tantrum of all tantrums and all “superheroness” failed me, I remembered one thing – acknowledge.


2. Most Impactful Parenting Decision – Young Toddler (18 months). If this were New Year’s Eve 2010, I’d confess my hardest parenting challenge – by far – was going screen free while my daughter is awake. This past year I re-evaluated our home life, reconsidered what things keep me from being present in the lives of my daughters, and committed to decreasing the use of audio stimulation (podcasts, Pandora, and just plain old loud rock, alternative, whatever) in addition to having no screen time. I only wish I had done this last year.


3. Most Memorable Art Experiences.  As much as we love art, no one instance stood out as my favorite. Instead of projects, I have memories of painted cheeks, hands covered in clay, and many, many midday baths. I have no “pinnable” projects, but I think in just a couple of years I have a gained a lifetime of memories,  artistic endeavors that have become a way to pass time as we talk and laugh together.



4. My Favorite Way to Spend Time Parenting. My favorite way to pass some time from the past year (and possibly every year since Greysen was born) is our walks. We walk around town, sometimes with a destination in mind, but most often not.



5.The Best Things About Parenting are the little things that I know are only between us, and really aren’t going to happen forever.


Greysen . . .

The thing that has been for my eyes only all year . . . abandoned play scenarios – like this one I found when I walked into the bathroom of a “bear on a throne”.


Moon . . .

the unsolicited help she offers when she hands me anything and everything that is mine (mostly shoes and my cell phone).


What will you remember most from this past year? Have you made any major changes to your parenting style or start new traditions that defined your parenting for 2012?


I’m grateful for your company over this past  year. Your encouraging words and helpful advice have contributed to an overall good parenting experience. Thank you for reading and have a Happy New Year!

– Marisa


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