Discoveries Made at the Farmer’s Market


We are half-way through our Farmer’s Market season, which runs May through September.  At the beginning of the summer, I decided to purchase unfamiliar-to-us foods each week to help add some variety to our diet and maybe even give me some motivation to cook.


While the novelty of cooking unfamiliar foods has eventually worn out, I’m excited that we have continued to try new-to-us foods when we come across something like perrins (pictured above), which we found last week. Other foods that aren’t a regular part of our diet are well on their way to becoming so because I’ve tried to include them more regularly.


Trying to regularly incorporate new foods is taking some getting used to. I’m far less likely to cook foods that I don’t like, and it’s even tougher for me to try to model eating foods that none of us are used to.


Thankfully I have liked all the new foods we have tried, so it has encouraged me to carry on.


The Farmer’s Market has become far more than a place to buy some local produce. This street affair has transformed into a venue for discovery.  This started with food, but soon I was noticing all the other things the girls were taking in and learning about our community.


Discoveries Made at the Farmer’s Market


1. We like most of, if not all, the foods we try. Greysen and Moon will taste anything from the market. We sample foods from other cultures like falafel and samosas, as well as fruits and vegetables that aren’t a regular part of our diet, such as beets, kale, cauliflower (I’m not a fan), and chard.




2. The Farmer’s Market is downtown and amid offices, the library, and the courthouse. We walk around town occasionally otherwise, but not as regularly as during our weekly trips to the market. Greysen is connecting this weekly event to the broader context of our town.



3. Our town – our community – consists of people big and small.



4. The Farmer’s Market is a place to connect with our friends and enjoy the spirit of summer.


Moon and a friend

5. Discovery can happen, even within a familiar routine. I enjoy creating play provocations for the girls and taking them to new places, in part because of the sense of wonder that happens when they encounter something new for the first time. The Farmer’s Market is helping me appreciate the more subtle discoveries that happen in the everyday things we do, the places we go, and the people we see.

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