Discovering a Place in the World

There is a shift happening in our home. The relationship that Moon used to invest the majority of her time and attention on is now sharing attention with something new . . . exploration.


Attachment and exploration go hand in hand. Moon is intent on discovering her place in the world. With me as her secure base, she is ever more determined to make a connection to this place we call home.


Spaces that she used to crawl past now beckon, holding her attention. She approaches all the spaces inside our home and out with a recently revealed possibility that she may have a place within them.


Her relationship to the spaces in our home is becoming more complex. She intensely explores the space behind every door and behind every curtain. I am reminded of my place as her guide, a witness to her life.


When I see her climb into different spaces around our home,  I see the parallel to what will be – some small insight to a possible pattern of how she will find her place throughout her life. I can imagine that she will continually revisit her relationships to her surroundings.  I wonder how her confident approach will evolve, and how milestones and her surroundings at ages  6, 13, 18, 22, 30 years old and on will affect the verve with which she currently explores her ever-expanding world and her place within it.


Maybe some spaces will be a risky fit.


Maybe some will reveal another perspective of the world around her.



Some will be fun.



Some I may not know about  . . .



or she may not think I know about.



And odds are that she’ll struggle along the way.



She may find only a few places where she is content, or she may feel connected to many. Our emerging practice of communicating about which spaces are safe and which ones are not are straightforward now. Talking about climbing into spaces that cannot support people or that need to serve a different purpose (namely the small toilet that her sister needs at the ready) is the beginning of a pattern of communication that I will strive to maintain as she explores further and further into the world.


While there are several unknown variables to Moon’s equation, the one constant is her place to me. As her mom, no matter how far she may go, she will always be next to my heart.


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