Art at One Year Old

At 12 months, Moon is eager to use a utensil at mealtimes. I interpreted this tool use as an indicator that she may be interested in using a tool with art materials too.


I offered Moon a brush and red watercolor at the table, where her sister was already painting.



Next time I’d like to be more intentional and set up the watercolor on the floor so that she can move more comfortably around it.




I have been curious about the Crayola Slick Stix since I read about them here. Since Moon tastes everything right now, these hard-cased oil pastels by Crayola seemed worth a try.



Greysen has regular access to oil pastels, so I was hesitant to purchase another type of oil pastel, especially one made specifically for children. I expected them to be of lesser quality than those marketed toward artists.


They were so incredibly smooth, and Moon’s marks were incredibly vibrant. My only regret is buying this five-pack of primary colors instead of the wider range of 12 colors. I’m more than a little surprised that I liked these so much.




Apologies for the photo quality, as I’ve misplaced my camera. Fingers crossed that I’ll find it soon!

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