Toddler Made Lemonade


Our generous lemon tree inspires us in so many ways. This time, however, we’ve put our lemons to a more conventional use.


Eager for real experiences, Greysen is determined to help prepare foods for anyone and everyone.



We used the only juicer we have – a levered one.  This adult-supervision-necessary juicer gave Greysen the chance to act independently and purposefully. I am, admittedly, tempted every now and then to redirect her away from preparing foods, especially when she asks to do so at busier times. In trying to slow down throughout the day, I realized that no matter what I am cooking, there is always a way for her to make a genuine contribution to our meal preparations.


Having a hand in the food prep, more likely than not, results in several good things – not just for her, but for me as well:

  • She taste-tests the ingredients, sometimes eating them right then and there. This is great when she’s working on the good stuff, but not so much if there is butter anywhere in the vicinity, which she loves.
  • She is more interested in the cooking process.
  • She helps me to slow down. Explaining things to her and watching to make sure the child’s knife is used with care helps me focus on the moment.


Our recipe: Lemon, water, and sugar (yes, GeeGee, we used sugar – organic turbinado, but sugar nonetheless) to taste. Having never tasted lemonade before, she was very content with a very, very sour lemon-to-water ratio.


This juicer was a little too effortless. I’d like to try to find and another type of handheld juicer, one that requires more effort and provides a different kind of motor experience. Regardless, she seemed empowered both by turning the lemons into a drink, and by using the juicer competently on her own.


I’m thinking oranges next.






4 thoughts on “Toddler Made Lemonade

  1. fun! i’m laughing about the very sour lemon-to-water ratio liking 😉
    we have one where you have to push down on it to squeeze out the juice, if you ever want to use it 🙂

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