Is Watching Sports a License to Neglect?

More than ever, sports have become a part of my surroundings in every day life. I’ve never been much of a sports fan (that’s quite an understatement, actually), although I do love almost anything that involves cars, including racing. When we lived in Los Angeles, it was easy to find lots of other folks who didn’t really care “what the score is,” but in our new town the emphasis is very much on “the game,” whichever one that may be at the time.

Because of this, I have started to notice that whenever professional sports are on TV, everything else – including children – seems to take a back seat. Imagine my surprise when I was at the local “Bullseye” department store and saw this article of clothing:


I didn’t chuckle. Not even a little bit. Even though I’m sure that this was intended as a light-hearted joke, I’ve seen way too many kids being ignored while grown men run around on gigantic television screens. I might laugh if the onesies said something farfetched, but unfortunately they seem to relay the all-too-common opinion that it’s okay to put aside your kid’s needs in order to watch the game without interruption. What’s worse is that it’s stated in such a way as to put words in the child’s mouth. Well, if Junior says he’s okay with not getting a diaper change for a few hours, who am I to argue?



Am I being unreasonable? Maybe taking things a bit too seriously? Help me out here.

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