Don’t Forget About Simple Toys


With so many inspiring ideas from other parents, bloggers(don’t get me started on Pinterest), and the children of course, it’s easy for me to forget that sometimes the simplest invitations to play are the most irresistible.


The materials list for this set-up is short and sweet: balls of various sizes, and tubes of varying lengths.


I didn’t get pictures of Greysen who tried every ball in our house, not just the couple that I set out. She preferred the longest tube, and if a ball didn’t fit in it she tried to drop it through the other end.  This was hilarious to her.




Moon knocked the tubes together and gave them a taste or two, but what really kept her intrigued was grabbing, dropping and crawling after the balls. And repeat.



What I appreciate most about this type of open-ended play, is that the same materials were interesting to both girls (24 months and 9 months). No directions, no restrictions, no limits to the play.





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