Two-Minute Tip – Impromptu Light Cubby

As is our tradition each night, Greysen and I will read a handful of books before transitioning to bed. A few nights ago, she wanted to read by herself, which she often does, but she also wanted to read in the dark! So, what to do? A quick look around her room yielded a bright LED flashlight, which we use for shadow play and other adventures. There really was no way for Greysen to hold the big flashlight and her book at the same time, so I thought of putting the lit flashlight in one of the cubbies of her white bookcase, pointed toward the wall. The reflected light was bright enough for easy reading, and we both thought it looked pretty cool as well. Greysen was very happy to now be able to read her book “in the dark.”

Greysen checks out her new light cubby.
Greysen reading by her new light cubby.
















Do you have any easy tips or “quick saves” to share? We’d love to hear about them!

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