Get Well Wishes for Friends

Cold season is here, and round our toddler friends, it’s here in full force! Having colds back-to-back-to-back, as toddler and babies often do, can be trying and hard for anyone but especially so for children who aren’t up to playing as usual.
Recently, my daughter was missing one of her under-the-weather friends and wondered when they could play together again. Since he was coping with a cold, I explained we needed to let him rest and could in the meantime send him some get well wishes. Since he was home bound made this “Get Well Box” for her one year old friend.


Toddlers are so interested in others’ emotions. In my classroom experiences, toddlers often remarked about other children crying or displaying feelings of strong emotion. It is at this age that they are looking for ways to communicate their concern for others, especially those they are closest to.
As a way of showing that we are thinking about her friends and wishing them well, we made this “Get Well Box” for a one year old friend.


I chose to use one of my daughter’s shoe boxes because it is easy for little hands to open, but any emptied container will work just about as well.

Some other ideas:

oatmeal container
cereal box
plastic berry baskets – the plastic ones have great holes perfect for weaving with ribbon or yarn.

I wrapped the box with drawing paper, which was a little thick but worked out well enough. I think next time I’d like to try the blank side of some wrapping paper.



I offered Greysen oil pastels for their bold color and ease of use. She chose a few oil pastels and got to drawing.



I personalized the box by writing her friend’s name on it.¬†For a more stylized look, try stamping a name on the box or use stickers. Of course, Greysen had a turn to write as well.



Greysen and I talked about the things her friend might like, then she and I gathered a few of those things to fill the box. I’m glad we chose a small box, because Greysen kept finding things to fill the box with, and soon enough nothing more would fit.


You can fill the box with simple things, as little ones will get a kick out it no matter what. Here are a few ideas:

  • oranges
  • tissues
  • tea
  • homemade note pad – staple a few pieces of small paper together
  • dry snacks – raisins or crackers
  • art materials – play dough, stickers, or crayons



Get Well!


Since this box, we made another “Get Well Box” for her Abuelita by covering up a cereal box and filling it with popcorn, her grandmother’s favorite snack.


These winter months are bound to bring colds. This was a great way for a toddler to take an active part in communicating their concern for a missed friend. What a way to tell friends and loved ones, “Here’s wishing you a healthier tomorrow!”



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