Encouraging Self Care

Last week as I sneezed and sneezed, my cloudy mind was inspired!  I was in frequent need of tissues as I tried to stay near the girls while they played.


Why not move some tissues to Greysen’s level so that she can reach one if she needs it?


Here is the addition of a tissue box to her shelves on the bookcase.


I added a nearly emptied box with just a few tissues.


As to be expected, she was excited about this new access to tissues.  She did not use them sparingly, but since it was just a few tissues it didn’t feel like a big waste.


She stuffed her shirt. I don’t know what to say about that.


After that instance, however, the tissues have sat on the bookcase and only get pulled when there is a nose in need.


By trusting her with access to tissue, she now has one more way that she can care for herself and her needs.

2 thoughts on “Encouraging Self Care

  1. We have found it useful to have a small mirror near the tissues. It helps the child to see what they are doing. Love the pic!

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