Transfering Activity: Marbles

Now that spooning objects is a familiar task, I decided to offer Greysen a new transferring activity challenge – tongs.

I purchased these tongs from Montessori Services a while back. When I bought them, I had intended them to be used at mealtimes for serving food, but did not even glance at their size when ordering. Too small to serve food, they have been in our utensil drawer for some time.

Now excited for them to make their debut, I wanted to set up a transferring activity for Greysen using small objects, but what to use?

Pom poms are a favorite in Montessori circles for this activity because their round shape makes them easy to pick up from any angle. Again, I did not want to buy anything for this activity, so off I went on another hunt around the house for something Greysen could use instead.

Something round and small enough to be picked up by her tongs…. Hmm….

I decided to try some marbles despite their slippery surface, which I feared might be too challenging for Greysen’s skills at this point in time.

I set up the marbles in small glass bowls and placed them on a platter intended to catch any marbles that might decide to roll away.

Having never used the tongs before, I thought Greysen might need a demonstration. I showed her how to squeeze them and pick up objects by transferring a marble to another bowl before handing her the tongs.

She got right to it.

The marbles proved to be challenging but manageable. Greysen transferred the marbles to the bowl one at a time.

These transferring activities are a great way for Greysen to work independently at an age when independence is all she craves.

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