First Transferring Activity

Transferring activities are one of the standard practices in Montessori classrooms. Moving small things or liquids from one container to the next gives children a chance to practice their motor skills.

I have been wanting to offer Greysen some new manipulatives for some time, but was not really sure what would interest her. I did not really want to buy anything new, so after a short rummage through my kitchen for inspiration I decided to offer her a transferring activity using dry objects for her first time. I gathered some dry beans from our kitchen cupboard, an egg tray, and a medicinal spoon, and invited her to try it out. This spooning activity required no explanation. She went right to work!

Working with smallish objects is challenging and requires both the attention and focus of the child. Just look at that concentration!




This spoon was ideal for this activity because she could see it fill with beans after every scoop.

I now wonder what else I can find in my kitchen for her to sort these into. She was so occupied with this that even when her Abuelita (Grandmother) dropped by for a visit, Greysen persisted in filling each space with beans.



4 thoughts on “First Transferring Activity

  1. wow! love this activity! i know you don’t attend potluck preschool yet, but these sort of activities are just what we need! i know soon brought a lot of great ideas in similar to this. i’ll have to try this one with caleb 🙂 thanks!

    1. The spoon must have come along with medicine at some point. It’s perfect. If you try something like this out at PLP let me know how it goes. Hope Caleb enjoys!

  2. Did I ever show u my Practical Life Binder, Marisa? So, the Montessori Materials are designed to go progressivly as the child masters one skill she can go explore the next “harder” skill/activity… which I seem to have had a hard time putting on my shelves in order( space issues) for a single child in the home unlike a school classroom where dozens of children will have use of dif. tray full of materials since they will be at dif. stages of learning. Warning in use of beans/rice or lentils and marbles they go everywhere when the child hasn’t been taught how to use them or how to clean up afterwards. Use a tray with a lip/cleaning tools close by/ sponge for fluids and crumbing broom and dustpan etc. and manageble amounts for a tot’s hands. I took some activities for couple of years and noticed if the mother didn’t care/ or was busy elsewhere, the child threw/broke/ran off with some of the materials so u have to stand nearby to guide them gently. Luv the pics and ur views, Marisa!

    1. Good point! Yes, I chose a white tray for that very reason when using marbles. Thanks for the PLP tips. Not planning to take that on anytime soon. It was a beautiful binder, I remember.

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