Toddlers’ Art Group

Our newly founded art group is intended for children that are ready to use art materials safely. That being said, there are a few siblings, including Moon, that are younger than one year old and attend our group. My challenge: how to safely include infants in art explorations.


I wanted to be sure to have an art opportunity that was not only suitable for infants, but also offer them an art medium that adults would feel comfortable with their infants tasting, touching, and inevitably get covered in.

Blue and Yellow Watercolor

Typically, my art medium of choice for infants is watercolor. Since we had planned to use watercolor and eye droppers for the toddlers, I was challenged to think of something in addition to that.


Rising to the Challenge


Inspired by the homemade finger paints we made last week, I decided to use cornstarch and water again as a paint. I considered adding watercolor or food color to the paint mix, but opted instead to use a colored paper.


I cut a piece of red cellophane for the infants to use as paper so that when Moon chewed on it this week, it would not fall apart in her mouth. Infant Painting

Engaged Infants

Moon was eventually absolutely covered in this paint! Once it dried, I dusted her off, with no smock and no change of clothes for the ride home.

Next time, I’d tape or, in this case, clip each end down so that they could spread it around easier.

I’ll need to do some more research to find additional things we can use as paint. Any ideas?

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