First Friendships: Developing Relationships Through Clay

Playing with Clay

I started to offer Greysen clay when she was ready to use it without constantly putting it in her mouth.

This Moist Red Clay in a 25 lb. quantity is soft enough for her to scratch, poke, and squeeze.

Most of the time, Greysen uses clay at home on her own, or with me as her play partner.

Playing with the clay is a full body experience for Greysen. She leans on and over the clay, indicating that she notices how she changes the clay by her hands, feet, and torso.

I have also put the clay out for her and her cousin to use on occasion, which results in a fun time for all.

I think that the educators of the Reggio Emilia best describe the phenomenon of deepening relationships through play. They explain that play – in this instance using clay – is the place and time in which Greysen and her cousin are getting to know one another. Playing with clay is about the sensory experience, but because they are both interacting together, it becomes a shared memory. They are learning about clay, but they are also learning about each other and from one another.

Infant Friendships


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