Trusting Infants

Honoring Greysen’s playtime is a priority for us. As an extension of this, respecting Greysen’s choices in toys is important as well.

Mike and I try to make sure that she has time to play every day, without agenda, and with toys that are of interest to her.

I have organized our house so that she has a play space both in the living room and in her bedroom. These spaces are set up with toys so that she can play with pretty much anything she can reach.
Playing with Small Things

Though she is still very young (six months), I encourage Greysen to play with objects that fascinate her, even if that includes tiny objects.

When she chances upon little things that some adults would consider too dangerous for infants, I watch her closely as she plays with them because I trust that she can handle them safely.

Greysen does not often put toys in her mouth anymore, so small objects do not really pose a danger to her. If she tries to put something terribly small in her mouth, I will put it out of her reach, but her actions guide my decisions instead of preconceived ideas about what is an “infant toy”.

Also, I would never leave her unattended when she has small objects, so I’m always ready to intercept should she begin to act unsafely. She only uses such things when I can be sure that she will use them with the respect that they deserve.




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