Watercolor . . . The First Paint

Infancy is a time of discovery, a time when practically every experience is a new one, with so many new ideas and materials for infants to digest! As such, I’m always on the lookout for interesting play experiences with the familiar so that children can play, perhaps, beyond the discovery stage.

Group Care

In the classroom, I have offered watercolor to the infants before other types of paint because water is a familiar sensory experience. Watercolors offer the possibility that children may notice the novel aspect of it – color! Watercolor is therefore my favorite first paint to offer infants.

At Home

I also want Greysen to have an uninterrupted art experience, one where my daughter is not distracted by reminders to not eat the paint. Greysen is one year old, but I wish I would have offered watercolor paint for her to play with sooner!

Since she indicated a preference for brushes when we painted with acrylic paint, I offered her brushes to use with watercolor.

Red Watercolor

I prefer liquid watercolor to watercolor cakes for infants and toddlers, as the paint is easier for the children to access. When liquid watercolor mixes, the color change is very visible to the children.  Best of all, since they are already liquid, the watercolor can be set up in bowls or shallow tubs for the infant or toddler to play with, sans brush.

I bought red, blue, and yellow liquid watercolor from Discount School Supply, which can be seen here:
Colorations Liquid Watercolor Paint 8 oz.
Though they have MANY colors, I figured that we could make a fair number of colors with these primary colors.

I also bought a heavy-weight large piece of watercolor paper for painting. This paper is ideal because it can get pretty soaked and won’t fall apart.


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